Bank Statement Programs is an innovative platform that understands the challenges faced by borrowers who are unable to document their income in the traditional way. To cater to their needs, offers a Bank Statement Program that provides a viable solution. This program is specifically designed for borrowers who may not have the necessary documentation to prove their income but have a consistent history of deposits in their bank statements.

The Bank Statement Program offered by utilizes the last 12 months of bank statements to calculate the borrower’s income. This approach allows borrowers to showcase their ability to repay a mortgage loan based on their actual financial transactions rather than relying solely on traditional income verification methods.

By considering the 12 months of deposits, can accurately assess the borrower’s income and determine their eligibility for a mortgage. This program is particularly beneficial for self-employed individuals, freelancers, or those with irregular income streams who may find it challenging to provide the standard income documentation required by traditional lenders.

  • 3 months reserves
  • Gift funds for reserves allowed
  • 12 months from bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • Condos up to 90% CLTV’s Bank Statement Program offers flexibility and inclusivity, ensuring that borrowers who do not fit the mold of traditional income verification can still access mortgage financing. This program opens up opportunities for individuals who may have previously been excluded from the mortgage market due to their unique financial circumstances.’s Bank Statement Program is a game-changer for borrowers who cannot document their income in the traditional way. By utilizing 12 months of deposits, provides a fair and accurate assessment of the borrower’s income, enabling them to obtain the mortgage financing they need to achieve their homeownership goals.

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