Investment Property Refinance Loans


Many real estate investors buy multi-unit properties to rent them out. Investment properties are a great way to boost your income and grow your financial portfolio because of the significant return they offer. can help you refinance the asset in the event you need to access its equity.

An investment property mortgage is the only loan available for this type of property and will help you secure financing.

What Is An Investment Property Mortgage?

An investment property mortgage is a loan given to people who need financing on their apartment complex, multi-unit building, rental, or commercial property.

There are two important questions we will ask to determine how much funding you’ll be receiving for your investment property mortgage. First, we will need to know how many properties you own. Second, we will need to know if you occupy one of the units. The answers to these two questions will guide us in the right direction so we can determine exactly how much funding you’ll need for your investment property mortgage.

What Type Of Building Is Considered Investment Property?

Buildings with 1-4 units are still considered residential; however, that doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for an investment property mortgage if you wish to refinance a dwelling as described here. If you plan on living in one of the units, it is considered owner-occupied and rental.

Because our mortgage packages are very flexible and our goal is to find you the right funding to suit your financing needs, we will help you understand every facet of the investment lending process from the beginning to the end.

Oftentimes, the rent your tenants pay is enough to cover the monthly mortgage payments. We’ll help you figure out how much you can charge for each unit, which utilities to include, and how long it’ll take before you’ll start reaping the benefits of your investment.

What Is The Difference Between An Investment Property And A Commercial Property?

Many people often confuse the definition of a commercial and investment property because they are quite similar in nature.

It all comes down to zoning. Any building with 1-4 units is a residential property and anything with five or more units is considered commercial. Don’t worry, offers both types of mortgages so if you’re looking to refinance a larger property with more than four units, we’ll have no trouble finding you the right mortgage.

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