ITIN Loans up to 85% LTV


Are you looking for a reliable lender for your non-traditional mortgage needs? Look no further than, the home of ITIN loans up to 85% LTV. Our recent approval of a non-QM loan showcases our ability to save deals that may not be working out as expected.

In a recent scenario, a borrower with a loan amount of $198,000, a FICO score of 748, and an LTV of 80% were facing challenges with another lender. Despite having only 1 tradeline with 24 months, the original lender adjusted the requirements, leading to a lower LTV and higher price point. However, our team at stepped in and closed the deal in just 2 weeks from registration to funding, maintaining the 80% LTV without impacting pricing for the tradeline.

How did we do it? Through an ITIN full doc loan with 1 tradeline, 2 reported credit scores, and an appraisal transfer. Don’t let your deals fall through – contact us today to see how we can help you close fast and save the deal.

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