ITIN Loans

ITIN Loans are mortgages that are available to borrowers who do not have a Social Security Number but have an ITIN issued by the IRS. ITIN Loans offer a promising avenue for individuals with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) to access financial opportunities, empowering them to achieve their dreams. Designed to cater to immigrants and non-resident individuals lacking Social Security Numbers, these loans provide a means to secure vital assets like homes and vehicles, fostering economic growth and stability for diverse communities. With ITIN Loans, borrowers can build credit history, enhancing their financial standing and prospects for future borrowing.

  • Maximum loan amount is $1.5M
  • 65% LTV with a score as low as 680
  • Primary residence only
  • DACA allowed

ITIN loans offer a myriad of benefits to individuals without a Social Security Number (SSN), enabling them to access essential financial services and achieve their dreams. These loans provide a pathway to homeownership, allowing ITIN holders to build equity and stability. Additionally, ITIN loans can help establish credit history and improve credit scores, opening doors to further financial opportunities. By fostering financial inclusion, ITIN loans empower immigrants and non-resident taxpayers to participate fully in the economy, stimulating growth and diversification

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